The Miraflores Locks, with a LPG carrier in the new Canal in the rear

A container ship in the upper chamber of the Miraflores Locks

A Container ship has just enteres the 2nd chamber of the Agua Clarac Locks

In the historical center of Panama City

Panamá Viejo the old Panama City. Destroyed by Henry Morgan and his man in 1671

The modern face of Panama City

The Bio Diversity Museum is worth a visit

The Caribean side of the State is catching up with the new bridge at Colon

If you get out of the city, the landscape changes dramatically

Even if the Canal has massively changed the landscape, it has created new habitats as well

The capuchin monkeys have found their home in the protected canal zone

So did the black holling monkeys

And if you look closer, you might find caimans in the Canal as well