Abu Galawa Soraya - Red Sea

Old Motorcycle from WW II inside the Thistegorm - Red Sea

An old coal tender on top of the Thistegorm - Red Sea

Inside the engine room of the Giannis D. - Red Sea
The so called alternative dive site, the Underwater Military Museum Hurghada - Red Sea

Glasfish inside a coral cave - Red Sea

A turtle floating along the wall of Raz Mohamed - Red Sea

Blue spotted Stingray - Red Sea

Nombrotha megalocera - Shaab Jara / Red Sea

Flabellina Exoptata - Gubal Soraya

Flat worm (Thysanozoon nigropapillosum) - Abu Diab / Red Sea

Coral Garden  - Abu Diab Kebir / Red Sea

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Photos taken with: Canon Powershot A620, Canon Powershot G7X MK III